Environmental Cell

Gondwana University, Gadchiroli has started compulsory course of six month duration in Environmental Studies at undergraduate course of all branches from the session 2013-2014 onward in the second year study. But from the session 2018–19 this course include in Semester I of B.A. and Semester III of B.Sc. course and the syllabus and marks and grading system is same as earlier.

The duration of this course is six month, completed in 50 lectures at the rate of 4 lectures per week.

The course include definition, scope and importance of environment, natural recourses, all ecosystems, biodiversity, pollution, social issue with environment, human population and environment , human rights, value education and so on.

This course comprises of 100 marks question papers which is distributed as below

  1. Project – 25 marks
  2. Objective questions – 50 marks
  3. Essay – 25 marks

So the passing marks is 40. The result would be declared in grades which includes

  1. ‘O’ Grade – above 75 marks
  2. ‘A’ Grade – 61 to 75 marks
  3. ‘B’ Grade – 51 to 60 marks
  4. ‘C’ Grade – 40 to 50 marks

The candidate will have to pass in the examination of this course in order to obtain degree certificate for the university.

Under this course we have visited to local pond every year and study the pond in all aspects with environment.

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