Subjects Available For Ph.D. In Our Research Center

  1. Maths
  2. Physics
  3. Zoology
  4. Botany
  5. Chemistry

University Approved Ph.D. Guides Of Our Institute

Sr. No. Name Subject University
1. Dr. L.S.Ladke Maths Gondwana University, Gadchiroli & R.T.M.N.U.,Nagpur
2. Dr. S.D.Deo Maths Gondwana University, Gadchiroli & R.T.M.N.U.,Nagpur
3. Dr. N.V.Harney Zoology Gondwana University, Gadchiroli & R.T.M.N.U.,Nagpur
4. Dr. S.R.Sitre Zoology Gondwana University, Gadchiroli & R.T.M.N.U.,Nagpur
5. Dr. N.S.Wadhave Botany Gondwana University, Gadchiroli
6. Dr. P.N.Nasre Botany Gondwana University, Gadchiroli & R.T.M.N.U.,Nagpur
7. Dr. A.D.Dahegaokar Physics Gondwana University, Gadchiroli
8. Dr. G.R.Bedre Physics Gondwana University, Gadchiroli
9. Dr. K.N.Shinde Physics Gondwana University, Gadchiroli & R.T.M.N.U.,Nagpur
10. Dr. A.B.Dhote Chemistry Gondwana University, Gadchiroli
11. Dr. R.S.Hajare Chemistry Gondwana University, Gadchiroli
12. Dr. V.N.Shinde Physical Education Gondwana University, Gadchiroli
13. Dr. M.N.Quadri Computer Science Gondwana University, Gadchiroli

Ph.D. Student List

Sr.No. Subject Name of Supervisor Name of Student Title of Ph.D. Thesis Date of registration Date of thesis Submission Date of Award
1. Physics Mr. GaneshM.Jamankar Dr.MilindS Deshpande Thermodyanmic study of some tannins using ultrasonic measurements 8 July, 2013 23/03/2016 Awarded 2017
2. Mathematics Mr.V.K.Jaiswal Dr.L.S.Ladke Some bianchi type cosmological models in general relativity and higher order throry of gravitation 28 Dec 2012 16/04/2016 Awarded 2017
3. Mathematics Mr.R.A.Hiwarkar Dr.L.S.Ladke Solutions of Bianchi type space-times in general relativity and metric f® theory of gravity 14th March 2014 16/04/2016 Awarded 2017
4. Zoology Ms.VidyaS.Mahajan Dr.N.V. Harney Studies of seasonal variation of flora and fauna of Mohbala lake of Bhadrawati ,Dist.Chandrpaur (M.S.) India with respect tpPhysico-chemical characteristics 9th July, 2013 30/03/2016 Awarded 8/5/2017
5. Mathematics Mr.GaneshV.Joshi Dr.S.D.Deo Some innovative approaches tight bounds of achromatic indices of graphs 28th December 2012 13/03/2015 Awarded 15/6/2017
6. Mathematics Mr.P.D.Shobhane Dr. S. D. Deo Study of some cosmological models in general theory of relativity 19th March 2014 18/07/2017 Awarded 16/5/2018
7. Mathematics Mr.OmprakashK.Berdewad Dr.S.D.Deo A detailed investigation of gaph theory and its application 9th Oct. 2014 3/5/17 Awarded 30/6/2018
8. Zoology Mr.AmarL.Shelekar Dr.N.V.Harney Studies on physic-chemical and biological characteristic of Gorja lake near Bhadrawatiist. Chandrapur (M.S.), India 28th April 2014 10/4/17 Awarded 31/1/2018
9. Zoology Ms.Puja I.Khaparde Dr.N.V.Harney Water quality status and investigation of flora and fauna of Ghodpeth lake, Bhadrawati, Dist.Chandrapur (M.S.),India 16th January 2014 28/08/2018 Awarded 18-10-2019
10. Mathematics Mr.R.D.Mishra Dr.L.S.Ladke Higher dimensional plane symmetric and cylindrically symmetric solutions in f ( R) theory of gravitation 9th Oct.2014 1/11/18 Awarded 31-1- 2020
11 Mathematics Ms. Shalu D. Barai Dr. M. S. Warbhe Thermoelastic Analysis of Semi-Infinite Solid Models 4 Feb, 2016 - Awarded 7-9-2020
12 Botany Mr.S.C.Chunne Dr.P.N.Nasare Hydrobiological study of different lakes of chandrapur district with respect to seasonal variation 5th Feb 2016 3/12/18 Awarded 29-10-2020
13 Mathematics Mr. D. F. Shastrakar Dr. S. S. Pokley A Survey of Quiuing Theory and Its Applications in Context with Measuring the Queuing System 4 Feb, 2016 - Awarded 7-1-2021
14 Zoology Atul K. Pimpalshende Dr. S. R. Sitre Hydrobiology, biodiversity and Pollution status Assessment of Selected Water bodies of Village SataraBhosale and SataraTukum of Pombhurna Tehsil of Chandrapur District (MS) 5 February, 2016 21-8-2020 Awarded 2020
15 Physics Mr. Ashish B. Akojwar Dr. N. S. Kokode and K. N. Shinde Synthesis of Eu2+ and Ce3+ Activated Phosphate Phospors for white Light Emitting Diode Applications 9 October, 2014 9-10-2020 Submitted
16 Physics Mr. Purushottam K. Naktode Dr. N. S. Kokode and K. N. Shinde Spectroscopic Charectorizations of Halophosphate Phosphors for Future Lighting Applications. 9 October, 2014 9-10-2020 Submitted
17 Zoology Kishor B. Bhute Dr. Narendra V. Harney Limnological Profile of the Nagrala Lake, Bhadrawati; District- Chandrapur (MS), india 21 December 2014 31-12-2020 Submitted
18 Zoology Miss. AshviniChaudhari Dr. S. R. Sitre Comparative hydrobiological study of two fresh water reservoirs, LalNala Dam and Pothara Dam of Wardha district 5 February 2016 25-1-2021 Submitted
19 Mathematics Miss. Varsha D. Chapke Dr. N. W. Khobragade Study of Thermoelastic Response of A Circular Objects 29 July, 2016 21-1-2021 Submitted
20 Physics Mr. G. G. Ramteke Dr. A. S. Lange Investigation of optical properties of some semiconducting nanoparticles 04 February 2016 01-03-2021 Submitted

P.hD . Registered Students

Sr. No Name of Students Subject Name of Guide Title of P.hD Thesis Synopsis Date of Registation
1 Mr. Pratyushkumar Patnaik Mathemitics Dr. S. D. Deo Mixed convective heat and mass transfer of a viscous fluid with chemical reaction,radiation and soret effect 19-03-14
2 Mr. Vinay Prabhakar Tripade Mathemitics Dr. L. S. Ladke Solution of some cosmological models in f® theory of gravity 04//02/2016
3 Ms. Rajeshri A. Puranik Mathematics Dr. S. S. Pokley Optimization of social networking model based on the dimensionality of graph & text using the concept of game theory 04-02-16
4 Mr. Rajesh B. Pardhi Mathematics Dr. M S. Warbhe Thermoelastic analysis of solids with moving heat source 18-04-17
5 Mr. Hemantkumar B. Meshram Physics Dr. I. S. Mohurley and Dr. K. N. Shinde Development of rare Earth activated ortrhophosphate phosphors for lamp application 04-02-16
6 Ms. Minakshi A. Bansod Zoology Dr. N. V. Harney Comparative limnological studies of Ghot Nimbala and Chalbardi lakes of Bhadrawati Tehsil of Chandrapur Districts (M. S) of India 05-02-16
7 Ms. Gayatri A. Chaudhari Zoology Dr. S R. Sitre Comparative limnological studies of Naleshwar and Manda Tukum lakes of Mul Tehsil Chandrapur District (MS) 05-02-16
8 Mr. Sachin H. Shrirame Chemistry Dr.(Mrs) A. B. Dhote Ultrasonic investigation in the solution of anti malerial drugs at different temperatures 02-03-20
9 Ms. Shivani Prakash Burad Chemistry Dr.(Mrs) A. B. Dhote Effect of Li+, Na+ & K+ ions on different solvents through ultrasonic investigation 02-03-20
10 Mr. Jitesh M. Gawde Chemistry Dr.(Mrs) A. B. Dhote Study the effect of activating and deactivating group on solvent by ultrasonic investigation 02-03-20
11 Ku Manisha N. Dhanorkar Chemistry Dr.(Mrs) A. B. Dhote Comparative acoustic studies in the solution of anti-diabetic medicinal plants & drugs 02-03-20
12 Mr. Sandip D. Mhashakhetri Mathematics Dr. L. S. Ladke Brief outline of some aspects of cosmological models in modified theories of gravitation 04-03-20
13 Mr. Shivkumar R. Ghaturkar Zoology Dr. N. V. Harney Studies on ecology of macrobenthos of three lakes of Armori Tehsil of Gadchiroli District (MS) India with respect to physio-chemical and biological characteristics 05-03-20
14 Mr. Ashish U. Shende Physisc Dr. G. R. Bedare Volumetric and thermoacoustic studies of ternary mixture at different temprature 07-09-20
15 Mr.Sunil V. Kumbhare Physiscs Dr. G. R. Bedare Ultrasonic investigation of higher alcohols in binary mixture 07-09-20
16 Mr. Subhash V. Kinnake Physiscs Dr. G. R. Bedare Acoustical studies on molecular interaction of isomeric alcohols in binary mixture 07-09-20
17 Ms. Bharati V. Bansole Mathematics Dr. L. S. Ladke Study of cosmological models of the universe in F® and f(R,T) theoies of gravitation Applied 09/01/2021
18 Mr. Dyaneshwar P. Bawane Mathematics Dr. L. S. Ladke Some of the aspects of fuzzy differential equations with fuzzy number Applied 09/01/2021
19 Ms. Geetachandra N. Bhaisare Zoology Dr. N. V. Harney Ecological Study of macrobenthic organisms in relation to water parameters of Gadchiroli Lakes (M.S), India Applied 09/01/2021